Survey of Corporate Risk/ Current

This is the first of two blogs tracking risk requiring attention of corporate boards.  This post tracks immediate risk perception, per consulting company Provititi (as distributed by National Association of Corporate Directors).

In order of priority, here is what  a survey of 1453 C-level executives and directors rates as greatest risks:

  1. Government health protocols impacting business
  2. Succession/ talent scarce
  3. Pandemic impact on market conditions
  4. Constant need to update and train for changes in digital technologies
  5. Economy capping growth potential
  6. Increased labor costs impacting profit
  7. Resistance to change limits adaptation
  8. Inability fully to use advanced data analytics limits market info
  9. Cyber threats
  10. Shifting expectations in DEI

Absent and to my mind interesting: climate risk, supply chains, the future of work (last year was #4).

Interestingly, see the next post for risks rated for the next decade and a substantial overlap of cited factors.  My comments on this overlap are also in the next post, as I find that overlap surprising.

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