Red Sox News

It has been many moons since I posted about the Red Sox; somehow, the last couple of years it never seemed like a real baseball season with no fans, etc.  But this year the Major Leagues are making a run at a regular season, ignoring (like many of us)  occasional infectious outbreaks.

So what is the status of our beloved (by some) Redstockings?  Well, they are mediocre on the field, and lost their last game 10-0.  But do not despair; they are first not only in our hearts but also in one other major category, a category where they outclass even the Yankees and Astros:  a day at Fenway park is THE most expensive baseball experience in all the Majors.

If you, spouse and two kids go to Fenway, park your car, share two beers total, four sodas, four dogs and splurge for two Sox caps, you have on average spent $385.37!  The league average in $256.41; the Yankees are a mere $348.84.

But wait– there’s more.  At Fenway, unlike many other modern parks, while Fenway may be billed as “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark,” you still risk big-league infections in the bath-room stalls, not to mention that this is one of the very few parks still featuring pole obstructions unless you spring for seats that either are located in Natick or drive your day’s costs well over $500.

Note that I am not complaining, I am only reporting!  I will be at the Park tomorrow night, June 1. Why, you ask?

I have sympathy for principal owner John Henry.  I know how expensive fuel is these days, and his yacht (the one often parked on the Boston waterfront, cannot miss it, the one with the dual spiral staircase) must burn a lot of diesel.  I mean, in the words of Boston vernacular, that boat is wicked pissah gigantic….

GO SOX!!!!!!

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