Personal Note: New Poetry Book

Today please forgive a personal note; I try to keep my posts on a wholly professional level, which means mostly law, sometimes government, and (in years, unlike this, when the Red Sox field a professional baseball club) baseball.

Your friendly neighborhood electronic bookstore (Amazon, Barnes and Noble)n ow carries my third book of poetry, entitled OBLIGATORY COVID CHAPBOOK.  A chapbook is a trade term for a short book of poetry written around a theme; and, you can of course guess the theme of this one.  Just log on and enter my name or the name of the book,  and this book should pop up.  (If you have a problem just email me and I can get a copy to you.)

Although the theme of this book is no doubt deeply depressing, I hope that it helps put into perspective our commonly shared experience, and permits better processing of what is likely (hopefully) the most trying period of our respective lives. I would appreciate your ordering a copy of this volume and, if you find it favorable, a complimentary post on the vendor’s site is always greatly appreciated.

And to all of you, survivors: this one’s for you.

Best, Steve

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